Antique French Clocks

French Finesse: The Influence of Antique French Clocks on Interior Design

Timeless elegance and sophisticated charm resonate from the intricate designs of antique French clocks. A quintessential aspect of French-style home decor, these vintage pieces infuse aesthetic appeal into any room, be it a lavish living space or a cozy bedroom….

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The uses of opal stone in lithotherapy

Opal is a colourful and beautiful gemstone that has been in use since ancient times for its healing properties and beauty benefits. The name gemstone originated from a Latin word opalus meaning precious stone. In Roman culture, opal was associated…

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How to wear earrings?

The choice of accessories is decisive for building a neat and impeccable look. Ring, necklace or bracelet, everything is good to give that finishing touch that reflects a part of your personality. When it comes to ear jewellery, things tend…

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Why choose personalised jewellery and custom engraved jewellery?

Whether as a token of affection or as a token of love, jewellery is always on someone’s gift list. They’re not just beautiful to look at. It is even possible to personalize them to attract the recipient’s attention. Clearly, you…

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How to create jewelry with a 3D printer?

3D printers can be used to make many objects such as decorative trinkets, dentures, jewelry and even houses. The technology is no longer just for the wealthy. It is possible to find affordable 3D printers. But, how to create jewelry…

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