How to wear earrings?

The choice of accessories is decisive for building a neat and impeccable look. Ring, necklace or bracelet, everything is good to give that finishing touch that reflects a part of your personality. When it comes to ear jewellery, things tend to get complicated because this accessory is so difficult to choose and match.

The classic earrings

Although earrings are the most worn piece of jewellery of all time, some models are older than others. Among the pillars of the material, there are the famous clips. Known for their clasp that clips directly onto the earlobe, they have the advantage of being discreet. In gold, silver, platinum or embellished with crystals, they are among the easiest models to wear. Whether you have your hair attached or completely detached, they will find their place in your overall look. Then there are the creoles. With their rounded shape, these trendy jewels are perfect for long faces. They give more character to women with short hair, rather a boyish cut! They give a glamorous and refined look when they sweat behind long hair. Without forgetting the famous sleeper, the ancestor of the earring par excellence. This model used to be worn at night to prevent the lobe hole from becoming blocked during sleep. Today, we are far from the functional value of this earring, which has become a real jewel for day and evening wear, even for special occasions. Enrich your collection of accessories by buying on the online jewellery sales site

The earring : Various and original models

If ear pendants are perceived as original jewellery, it is not so much because of the fastener that fits into the ear hole as because of the variety of models using this type of fastening. Costume designs, cheap jewellery made of fabric, leather and even metal are suitable for many styles of clothing: Hanging earrings with animal figurines with jeans and a simple t-shirt for girlfriend outings. Hanging earrings with pearls or crystals worn with an evening gown Hanging loops in the shape of a heart to be worn every day The crochet model also has that original touch that women introduce into their look for a personal touch. Beware! These buckles do not fit everyone. You have to have an elongated neck. Otherwise, this model will tend to compress your head carriage. If you are blonde, choose the silver one. On the other hand, if you're brunettes, choose gold.

Earcuffs: originality at its peak!

Star of the Roberto Cavalli fashion shows, the earcuff model is the flagship accessory of the moment. If many celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence have adopted it, you too can join the trend. As long as you understand how to wear it! The particularity of this jewel is that it covers the top of the ear as well as the bottom. Because they are rather imposing, they impose the choice of a dress style and a simpler hairstyle to create a balance and gain in elegance. Ideally, it should be worn on one ear only. Having both is a tasteful mistake that you must absolutely avoid unless you have an assumed eccentric style. The second pair should be discreet in the form of a crystal or pearl clip. With this type of jewelry, you drop the majestic multi-level necklace and opt for very fine accessories. For the rest of the outfit, find the right balance. The buckles must remain the star of your outfit. Prefer an assortment of clothes chosen and combined with a lot of simplicity. A trouser suit, jeans shirt or short shorts with a loose top would be perfect with your fancy looking buckles!

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