The uses of opal stone in lithotherapy


Opal is a colourful and beautiful gemstone that has been in use since ancient times for its healing properties and beauty benefits. The name gemstone originated from a Latin word opalus meaning precious stone. In Roman culture, opal was associated with hope and good luck. The gemstone is linked to various beliefs and cultures and remains a vital crystal even in recent times. Most people see it as a beautiful stone and associate it with jewellery. However, the unique traits and attributes of these powerful stone go beyond beauty to healing properties. The stone is believed to have physical and psychological healing properties. Since Lithotherapy is a way of healing using these natural stones, the gemstone is among the essential natural stones used in Lithotherapy. It is an alternative to therapeutic techniques applied in curing diseases. Some people believe that by just wearing the gemstone jewellery or the stone itself, they will have better health and be successful in life. These beliefs can be linked to the unique properties of this precious stone. Experts in Lithotherapy apply the different traits and abilities of the stone to perform healing in various ways. It is, therefore, a precious stone valued across the world due to its superior properties. This stone was not only appreciated in ancient times but even in modern times. It is both a traditional and contemporary technique applied in the healing process. The healing property of the gemstone comes in different ways.

The use of the gemstone in physical health

Experts in lithotherapy use the gemstone stone in physical healing. The gemstone is beneficial for the health of your skin, kidneys and your eyes. The natural stone has a health effect on the physical parts of the body, thus reinforcing the will to live. The stone is used in Lithotherapy for patients with dehydration challenges and problems with water retention in their body. These difficulties are managed by using the gemstone to balance water content in the body. This is an especially good stone for those who operate in or around water areas. The gemstone’s physical healing properties are excellent for enhancing memory, lowering body fever, and regulating the amount of insulin production in the body. It is, therefore, a remarkable healing technique in managing diabetes. In addition, the gemstone cleans and purifies the blood in the body, thus boosting blood circulation in body parts. It also helps in removing infections from body parts and healing the kidney. The gemstone is exciting when it comes to a woman’s body. The natural stone supports hormone production in females, PMS and menopause. It is also believed that the gemstone helps the childbirth process. Besides, the stone is used to enhance hair growth and strengthen both toenails and fingernails. It is also essential in Lithotherapy in treating the skin. White opal stone is known explicitly for treating skin disorders such as rosacea, psoriasis and eczema. On the other hand, the black gemstone is beneficial for breaking up body densities such as cysts and tumours.

Using the gemstone in feelings

The stone is also crucial in strengthening body feelings. It enhances desire, sexuality and erotism. It improves optimism and makes us emotional be in love with life. The stone has high water content; therefore, it may help move your emotions over to self-awareness. When you feel like people are impacting a negative energy in you, or you are on the verge of tears, experts in Lithotherapy suggest you have a bath or swim in the water to clear the negative vibe. If you are a sensitive person that is easily affected by another person’s vibe, shield yourself from taking in the negative energy by allowing the gemstone to run interference for you. This technique utilizes the gemstones’ technique of producing colours via diffraction and interference. The natural stone enhances dynamic creativity and originality. Due to its reflective and absorbent nature, it gathers feelings and thoughts, magnifies them and sends them back. This natural jewellery may act as an emotional stabilizer. However, caution has to be applied for this to work since the stone may disperse energy. Other stones may be used to help in the integration. Through the use of gemstone in Lithotherapy to support feelings in the body, patients are able to take responsibility for their emotional state. It is believed that black gemstone allows one to face their darkest fears. It helps in overcoming phobias, worries or any energy associated with anxiety. On the other hand, helps one clear emotional patterns.

Use of the gemstone in spiritual healing

The crystal is believed to contain spiritual properties. It, therefore, brings spiritual awareness and light to those wearing this natural jewellery. Wearing this natural stone jewellery invokes intuitions, visions and psychic abilities. In ancient times, mystic healers used the stone while on spiritual journeys. The gemstone is believed to be one of the best stones of light. As a result, the mineral attracts cosmic energy and communicates with the Divine. This unique benefit is associated with gemstones watery vibration property. The aspect helps the mineral connect with other devic forces of water. In addition, the stone is used to secure communication with dolphins whales in growing spiritual awareness. Spiritual links to the gemstone go way back to ancient times. Old Greeks believed that owners of these minerals could possess a foresight power. Besides, if you owned a crystal, you were thought to have prophecy powers. Black gemstone mainly integrates light into the dark space. It is identified as a powerful stone that spiritual worriers need to carry along when they are entering into the darkness. Those facilitating the shifting of ghosts to higher realms use the mineral to facilitate the journey. It also helps in boosting trips into the lower world. On the other hand, white gemstone is associated with angelic energy. It assists people in sensing their spiritual guidance since it is considered powerful and a strong stone.

Uses in mental health

Lithotherapy experts argue that the gemstone makes people light-hearted. Some believe that it goes an extra mile of making one light-headed. It is thought that natural stone jewellery is supportive when one is encountering mental obstacles. The stone is used to help cross over to action from distraction. You can focus on the colours of the stone when you feel distracted and put yourself together. You can also use the stone to get rid of boredom and improve alertness by just looking at the colour diffraction of the stone. With the help of the crystals, one is able to visualize themselves more clearly in mind. Since the stone is a powerful tool, positive energy that starts from your mind is very helpful in achieving your desires. In addition, with a healthy and exact sense, you believe in yourself more and trust your actions towards prosperity. The gemstone is used to amplifying one characteristic and bring them to a more precise surface. Its reflective feature is also vital when you need to reflect on yourself. Reflect your personality and improve your self-esteem by use of these natural jewellery stones. With this mental awareness, you are able to analyse your full potential and value yourself. It, therefore, boosts self-worth and helps you believe in yourself. You can identify mental obstacles with the help of the gemstone and get rid of them so that you have a favourable view of the world. Lithotherapy experts use these minerals to build a positive mental perspective to their patients. With this perspective, patients are able to overcome hindrances and believe in themselves. A positive mindset is a starting point to everything in life, from healing to prosperity.


The stone is simply priceless when it comes to Lithotherapy. The stone has unique characteristics that make it an essential tool when it comes to the use of stones to heal. The properties are manipulated to enhance feelings, thus making you fall in love with life and strengthen the will to live by healing physical body parts. In addition, the stone has unique properties that assist in reflecting mental ability and improving mind positivity. A positive mindset supports different aspects of life. With a positive mind, you believe in yourself more and trust that you can overcome obstacles that come your way. Traditionally, the stones were associated with good luck, prophetic powers as well as hope. Some cultures believed that the crystal would make people invisible and help them perform crimes like sealing. Other societies associated the stone with angelic powers that would allow one to overcome spiritual demons. All these beliefs are well studied by litho therapy experts and attributed to different properties of the stone. By analysing the traits, the experts are able to identify which property to apply in physical or emotional healing. The properties are then manipulated to suite the healing process. The gemstone is, therefore, one of the most important stones used in Litho therapy.

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