How to choose women’s sneakers?

Sneakers have always been women's favourite shoes, being comfortable and aesthetic, especially when they were made by a luxury designer such as Pierre Hardy. That's why you are looking for a new pair? To choose it well, follow our advice!

Take into account its morphology

There are a large number of women's shoes, but not all of them can be worn by every woman because the morphology of each one must be taken into account. Thus, for those who are small and seek to gain a few centimetres, it is preferable to choose shoes with thick or wedge soles as proposed by the luxury designer Pierre Hardy. The tall ones can wear any pair of sneakers. Moreover, for round girls, it is better to turn to high-top sneakers which have the advantage of not packing. And if you want to slim down, go for dark colours. On the other hand, if you're thin, the goal is more to add volume. You should therefore choose white sneakers with round toes and, why not, a few prints.

Choose according to the shape of the foot

A luxury designer specialized in sneakers will recommend you to choose your shoes according to your morphology but also according to your feet. For example, if they are thin, they need to be perfectly maintained. High-top sneakers are therefore ideal, especially if they have laces. On the other hand, if you have wide feet and are tired of having them compressed, soft sneakers with round toes are perfect. Finally, for those who have complexes because of their large feet, compensated models like sneakers are highly recommended.

The material

A luxury designer offers a large number of models and, in order to satisfy all demands, uses various materials including leather. It is a timeless material that goes through the years without any difficulty. However, it is warm and can therefore be less pleasant to wear when temperatures rise. The solution may then be to opt for mesh shoes. It is a material that has many advantages such as being light and airy, which makes it highly breathable. The conditions in which you wear your women's sneakers also influence the choice of material. Indeed, to do sport, it will be more mesh models that will be preferred because they are more suitable.

Focus on quality

It is very easy to get women's sneakers because there are many points of sale. However, you will wear them often, so to make them last and be comfortable, it is imperative to focus on quality. A luxury designer will perfectly meet this expectation offering high quality models made to offer a long life. For this, they must be well maintained, this page gives you all the recommendations on this subject.

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