The world of luxury

Why does luxury make us dream so much?

Haute couture


Highly modern, it is a permanent bridge between a tradition of excellence in know-how and a contemporary design that today incorporates manufacturing techniques at the cutting edge of innovation.

ready to wear


All clothes that are not made to measure are ready-to-wear: this is what distinguishes them from Haute Couture creations in the world of fashion and luxury. Thus, the mass production of the pieces is possible thanks to a standardization of sizes.

Luxury and beauty

& beauty

The beauty and luxury sector is undergoing a clear evolution. We advise you to read our articles if you want to know more about The beauty and luxury sector but also about feminine beauty and luxury tips.

Luxury accessories


Because certain occasions deserve a special touch of elegance to your outfit, or simply because you must make a difference, luxury women's accessories are indispensable for any self-respecting fashionista.

Luxury: a highly prized universe

Modern luxury

Modern luxury

Luxury: heritage, know-how and glamour.
International luxury

International luxury

International luxury is becoming a global phenomenon.
Digital luxury

Digital luxury

Luxury adheres to the system of e-commerce.
Ecological luxury

Ecological luxury

The luxury sector involved in environmental protection

Haute-jewellery: exceptional jewels

Luxury jewellery

Discover luxury jewellery set with extremely rare coloured stones from all over the world.

Unique craftsmen-jewellers

Craftsmen-jewelers creators of luxury jewellery, unique and inventive pieces of jewellery.

Wedding jewellery

Say "yes" to your wedding tiara and ornament desires. Find more about it in our website.

French luxury

Know-how and glamour: luxury jewellery designers with unique French know-how.

Precious stones

Precious stones are distinguished by their rarity, quality and the beauty of their pure colours.

Modern and traditional jewellery

The Haute-joaillerie is an exception between modernity and tradition.

The world of Haute-joaillerie

  • Luxury watches
    The Haute-joaillerie know-how is unique. The creators of luxury watches are becoming increasingly creative and innovative, offering more models for all age categories and styles. The luxury watch market is a buoyant and growing market.
  • Luxury lingerie
    Luxury lingerie is an art thanks to its exceptional materials, perfect finishes and original cuts. Luxury designers are full of ideas for everyone's pleasure. Luxury lingerie is brimming with originality and reveals itself in all its splendour.

Luxury Weddings

A fairy-tale wedding, dreamy and luxurious? Yes, this has become possible thanks to the professional decorators who take care to keep the luxury you desire. From the decoration to the jewellery, you will have your desired luxury wedding. You can visit Urban Lux Magazine for more luxury wedding ideas.

Luxury in all its states

Eternal luxury

Eternal, indestructible and irresistible, the appeal of luxury has stood the test of time. Luxury reinvents itself over time. The luxury industry represents a space of creativity and authenticity. Luxury brands all stand out from the rest. Luxury designers know how to adapt to the trends of the moment.

Luxury everywhere
The world of luxury does not only concern jewellery, but also beauty products (make-up, skin care...), interior decoration, luxury cars...

Luxury designers invent new stories through their creations.

Luxury in all its states